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Styling & Care


Women's medium-length layered haircut in dark brown color with a blowout and light brown highlights in Queens, NY from Larisa's Salon

Elevate your daily routines with a women’s haircut. Whether you want to do a layered look, bangs, or something else, we’ll go over your preferences, lifestyle, and desired look and create a hairstyle that enhances your features!

  • Haircut & Blowout


Add volume, smoothness, and shine with a haircut & blowout! Our hairstylists will wash your hair, cut it to your desired preference, and give you a blowout for an elegant look for your everyday or special events.

  • Color, Cut & Blow


Transform your look with a hair color, cut & blow! Get your desired color, cut your hair to your preference, and get a blowout giving you shape and shine to boost your confidence and appearance.

Hair Styling

  • Blow Out Short Hair


For women with short hair such as bobs, get a blowout to add some volume and shine into your hair!

  • Blow Out Medium Hair


For women with medium hair such as shoulder length, get a blowout to add some volume and slight curls into your hair!

  • Blow Out Long Hair


For women with long hair past the chest or ones who have long extensions, get a blowout to add some volume and luscious waves to your hair!

Hair Care and Treatments

  • Conditioning Treatment


Don’t let your hair get you down! Treat dry, damaged hair with conditioning treatments to restore your hair’s natural look and feel for a shiny, soft, healthy scalp.

  • Pro Addiction Hair Straightening


Marketed as the healthiest hair straightening product on the market, get a sleek straight look with ProAddiction without damaging your hair and relax those curls for a new ‘do!

Wig Styling and Care

  • Wig Blowout


Bring your wigs to life with a Wig Blowout! Show a little love to your wig and give it added volume and shine for a seamless natural look.

  • Wig Coloring


Save your expenses and get wig coloring with us! Our expert hairstylists use safe colors and chemicals so your wigs last and look beautiful without damage to them.  

  • Wig Cut & Blow


Give your wig a new look and style with a wig haircut and blowout! Our hairstylists will cut it and give volume and shine for a new look to your do.